For all the one that only visited a virtual reconstruction of Notre Dame cathedral, attending 3DPVT will give you the unique chance to experience its real beauty and grandeur. With the conference center located in the heart of Paris, you will be at walking distance from many famous sites as the , the modern art museum , or the museum. The conference resort will be the in the third district which is closely located to most of the major attractions.

For more tourist information please visit the website of the Paris . Paris is also the most beautiful and romantic city in the world and a simple stroll along the Seine might be the best advice to experience its greatness. Restaurants and Cafes are all around the city all waiting to open their doors for you to experience the renown French cuisine. The system is very rapid and efficient and for a more relaxed tour of the town it is possible to rent a from several service points in town.

Accommodations in Paris

More information about accommodations will be available later.